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Thank you for your interest in booking a family photography session with us. We are thrilled at the opportunity to work with you and your family.

Family Photography Sessions

School Family Photo Fundraiser

  1. Find your school name
  2. Choose a date (under your school) that works for you
  3. Find an available time
  4. Fill out the information requested
  5. If the date or times listed don’t work for you for your family please contact us (Contact us button) for more information

Private Family Photo Sitting

In the past 20 years in Kelowna Basil has photographed thousands of families. Families return year after year, trusting the quality and customer service that only Basil can provide. Basil is known for his ability to make Family Photo sessions quick and painless. Basil is able to quickly and creatively capture your family, coaxing smiles out of even the smallest of children. With a private family photo session Basil includes all of the images captured in high resolution format. You choose the time, the location and Basil provides the magic. Click here to contact us about a family photo session today.

What to Wear

We often get asked by clients what they should wear to their family photo session. Coordinating your outfits can feel like a big task, but it doesn’t have to be! Here are some tips to help you.

Plan your outfits in advance. Planning them the day or week before can help alleviate stress on the actual picture day. Laying each outfit out together (on a bed or on the floor) will help you see the whole vision.

Choose coordinating colours, not matching ones. Choosing a color theme, or two main colors and then adding complementing softer tones to accent, will help pull the look together. Accessories are a great way to tie outfits together and can help complete the look. (For example, if mom is wearing a yellow jacket, the child could wear a yellow scarf or headband.)

Plan for the weather. If you are taking photos in shoulder seasons, plan for layers that can easily be added or removed if the weather is too hot or too cool. It is hard to take great photos if you are uncomfortably hot or cold.
Consider your home colors or decor. If you are planning on displaying these images in your home, use colors or hues that are already present, or that complement the ones that are there. If you intend to hang your photos in a colorful space, choose colors that compliment and are bright. If your home is mostly neutral or white, choose soft colors or shades.

Pay attention to details. Think about all aspects of the outfits and also pay attention to footwear. Consider how the outfits look and move in all different poses and from different angles.

Avoid distractions. Large logos, distracting patterns, neon colors, and formal clothes (that don’t match the surroundings) can deter from the unity of the photos. Seasonal accessories may make it hard to display your photos in your home all year round.

Most of all, let your family’s personality shine through - and have fun! The love, joy, and smiles on your family’s faces are the most important part of great family photos.

Graduation Photography Tips

Please arrive at your appointment 10 minutes early. This will ensure you are relaxed and ready for your photo session.

What to wear?

You will have a variety of photos and poses taken. Traditional grad photos will be taken with the robe and sash, both with and without the grad cap. You can also choose to have other photographs taken in more casual attire.

Wear clothes which reflect your personality, this is a wonderful time to express yourself and wear things that reflect your style and hobbies.


  • Wear clothes you love and that are comfortable
  • Think about your footwear for full length shots
  • Bring props (a sports item, favourite book, pet, musical instrument) for fun casual photos
  • Wear solid colors
  • Choose hair and makeup styles that reflect your everyday style, daytime makeup is best.
  • Think about your nails as your hands will show in some shots


  • Busy patterns, stripes or logos
  • Trying out a new look for the first time

Relax and have fun! The more relaxed you are the more that will show in your graduation photos.

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