Family Photo Fundraiser

family-photo-fundraiser-01Our family photo fundraising program is very easy for the school, sports or PAC Committee to organize and almost always sells out.  It is also a convenient service for the students, staff and community. Not only is it an opportunity for the families to be photographed, but pets, siblings, extended family members and grandparents as well.  We offer both indoor and outdoor photography sessions. Our indoor photography is shot on a beautiful high-key white background which makes for stunning photographs. Our outdoor photography is done at a variety of outdoor locations around the city (chosen by you.) A variety of poses and family combinations are taken and you are provided with many photographs to choose from.

The school, sports association or PAC selects the price of the sitting, we suggest $20.00.  The school and/or PAC Committee then pre-sells these sittings and assigns sittings times (sitting schedule provided).  Perhaps the best method of doing this is by sending home a newsletter to inquire about interest and preferred times (a sample newsletter is also enclosed in the organizer package).  All of the money from these sittings goes directly to the school or association.  Each family receives a ten minute sitting with a variety of poses.  Basil Cooper Photography Inc. then provides a set of previews (online and delivered to the school) for each family.  The families involved receive their set of proofs and 1-8x10 from the proof of their choice for the price of the sitting and there is no purchase necessary to receive the free 8x10.   

When the photographer arrives, all that is required from the school or association is the sitting schedule and access to the space that was pre-selected for the event.  For indoor photography sessions the photographers request a room that is fairly large with high ceilings to accommodate the large backgrounds.  After the photography is complete the proofs will be printed and delivered to the schools. Once the proofs have reached the family, all further correspondence is between the family and our studio.  However, please note that the final products will be delivered to the school to be
sent home.



Depending on the time of year, the offer can be presented as a Christmas or Mother’s Day promotion.  Due to the popularity of this program, we ask that you let us know as soon as possible if you would like to book a date for your school, if a date has not already been confirmed.  However, in order to hold the event, we require at least 15 consecutive bookings for an evening shoot and 25 for a weekend shoot.

(In general, requests for Family Nights are usually taken one year in advance).

Should you have any further questions about any of our programs, please do not hesitate to call our office at (250) 878-9221